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Harm Reduction Bottle | The Cookie Mart
Harm Reduction Bottle | The Cookie Mart

Harm Reduction Measuring Bottle

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Using a measuring spoon, dropper or syringe is a good way to measure your GHB dose accurately. This bottle will help you measure your GHB dose with a measuring dropper and keep your liquid away from other liquids that may be around you. Remember, G is extremely sensitive to the dose. Even a slightly higher than normal dose can cause a loss of consciousness. Use this bottle to take harm reducing action against 'going under.'

Tips for GHB/GBL Use
Always measure out your own dose. A commonly used dose would be between 0.5ml and 1ml. Never dose again within the same 2 hour period. Use a measured dropper bottle or syringe to measure your doses. Never just pour it casually into a cup, never drink from the bottle, or someone else’s drink. Avoid mixing with alcohol and ketamine as this increases your chance of ‘going under’.

If you use GHB/GBL over a long weekend you may feel anxious, sweaty, shaky, or unable to sleep the week after. These are the first signs of dependence and addiction. Resist the urge to take more GHB/GBL and try to ride out these early signs with rest and stress-free activities.

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